This is a list of average Range of Motion measurements for various joints of the body.
It is not all inclusive ... yet.  We'll throw more in as we go. 

It should be noted that these measurements are more or less a starting point and are not nor should not be considered expected measurements for all patients.  Many factors should be considered when measuring joint range of motion and determining the final end range for each individual patient.  Soft tissue as well hyper/hypo mobility are just a couple of factors that need to be taken into account. 

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Flexion 150-180
Extension 50-60
Abduction 180
Internal Rotation 70-90
External Rotation 90

Flexion 140-150
Extension 0
Pronation 80
Supination 80

Flexion 60-80
Extension 60-70
Radial Deviation 20
Ulnar Deviation 30

Cervical spine
Flexion 45-60
Extension 45-75
Lateral flexion 45
Rotation 60-80

Thoracic-lumbar spine
Flexion 60-80
Extension 20-30
Lateral flexion 25-35
Rotation 30-45

Flexion 100-120
Extension 30
Abduction 40-45
Adduction 20-30
Internal Rotation 40-45
External Rotation 45-50

Flexion 135-150
Extension 0-10

Dorsiflexion 20
Plantar flexion 40-50
Subtalar Inversion 30-35
Subtalar Eversion 15-20