Just a few links you might find interesting or of use in your endeavors to become the greatest PTA's in the entire, whole, wide, world!!  Or at least pass class.......

www.apta.org   -   American Physical Therapy Association     

www.anatomy.tv   -   An anatomy site used by the Wanna Towel class

www.slcc.edu   -   The community college for the Wanna Towel class of 2005

www.aptastudent.org  -  APTA Student Assembly site - Lots of info for students

Professional Massage Therapy Products

www.getbodysmart.com  -  Nice Human Anatomy and Physiology site

Myfit.ca: Exercise and Diet Super Website
Your exercise, diet and personal training resource.

Check out the Exercise Database provided by MyFit.ca by clicking here

http://www.freewebs.com/pta-students/ - A website put together by a PTA with lots of videos and info.