I'll try to get a list of the modalities up here and hopefully it will work out good and everybody can figure them out. 

If you find something I left out let me know so I can get it fixed.

Just click on the modality to go to the page with info on that modality.

For a really great Excel Spreadsheet listing a whole boat load of modalities along with their Parameters, Therapeutic Effects, Contraindications and Indications just click here.
(The spreadsheet is not all inclusive but it is an excellent resource) 

Jason put in a lot of time to put this together and it's really great!  So be sure to take a look, you may want to print it out to have it handy.  Be sure to check out all the pages, there are tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet for E-Stim, Heat, Cold, and Other Combos.  It really is great.

Jason's putting in extra time with these spreadsheet's.  He just did another one to help review some of the test procedures for the hip, knee and ankle.  This one gives a place to enter Goniometric Measurements, MMT, and Orthopedic Special Test results.  It really comes in handy if you want to study for a test.  Click here or on the link below.

Jason's Modalities Spreadsheet

Jason's Test's and Measure's Spreadsheet

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Continuous Passive Motion