We would like to thank all of our sponsors for helping expand the learning abilities of students in the Physical Therapy field.  The following sponsors have contributed supplies or monetary donations to help Wanna Towel and the students of Physical Therapy. 

Please help show our appreciation by visiting their websites.

We would like to thank Dixie Regional Medical Center for their support of the Wanna Towel Website.

Please be sure to click on their logo above to visit their information page here on Wanna Towel to learn more about what Dixie Regional Medical Center has to offer.

We want to thank John Jarvis of Kinesio Taping Association

Kinesio Tape is a rehabilitative taping method and is very versatile in neuromuscular re-education, pain reduction, injury prevention & resolution, and promoting lymphatic flow.

If you would like to learn more about Kinesio Tape and it's multiple applications please contact John Jarvis below or click on their logo above to visit their site.

E-mail: John Jarvis
Phone: 505-797-7818
Cell: 505-991-2657

Johnson & Johnson's Advanced Wound Care Division

We would like to thank Cliff Evans of Johnson & Johnson Advanced Wound Care and Regranex for his help and assistance with Wound Care.

If you would like any information about the products offered by Johnson & Johnson Advanced Wound Care or Regranex please feel free to contact Cliff Evans at 1-800-876-1261 ext 1834.

Be sure to let him know you heard about him through Wanna Towel!

Thera-Band Logo

Progressive, elastic, resistance, exercise products for professional rehabilitation, athletic training and home fitness.

Also, be sure to visit the Thera-Band Academy where you can find exercises for all the products offered by Thera-Band.  You can even have your questions answered by their Manager of Education.
This is an excellent resource for students as well as professionals!  Check it out!