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Wanna Towel all began in November of 2004 when the students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program at the Salt Lake Community College decided to put up a website to have fun with and stick pictures on so the class could keep in touch with each other after graduation.  It was meant more to be a place to just mess around and have fun with. 

We came up with the name for the site after several students messed up on a practical exam for a paraffin treatment because they forgot to provide a towel for the client after the treatment to clean their hands, hence, Wanna Towel?? 

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Wanna Towel Team

Just some things we did as a class during our tenure at the Community College.

Visit to Cyprus High School a big success!!

Well, the visit to Cyprus High School was great.  Everybody that went had a really good time and the students really seemed to enjoy having us there. 

Ashly had to show everybody else up again.  As everyone knows she has perfect feet, but Ken introduced each of us to the class and when Ashley came in and Ken instroduced her somebody said, and I quote, "You're pretty".  I don't know about everybody else but I was kind of bummed.  I even wore my nice jacket!! But nobody said I was pretty!! 

Crutches, wheel chairs, massage, e-stim, and paraffin were demonstrated.  Of course everybody liked e-stim best of all, I think it was 'cause I was helping. :)  Oh!  And get this!!!  Jessy did paraffin and she FORGOT THE TOWELS!!!!  Kinda ironic huh?

Anyway, we all had a great time.