PNF Video Patterns

These are some little video clips demonstrating various Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation.

Mila Snapp, MSPT and graduate of the PNF Residency Program of Valejo, California was nice enough to meet with our class on several occasions to teach us how to properly perform each pattern and the benefits behind PNF.

It was great to have someone who knew so much about PNF come and teach us as well as let us tape these segments.

We'd like to thank Mila for all her help!

Pelvic and Shoulder Girdles combined

Lower Extremity D1 Pattern

Lower Extremity D2 Pattern

Pelvic Girdle Pattern

Scapular Pattern 1

Scapular Pattern 2

Sit To Stand

Upper Extremity - D1 Pattern

Upper Extremity - D2 Pattern